All About Cobell

All About Cobell

Cobell was launched in 1999 in response to the growing demand for high quality fruit ingredients and has since become one of Europe's leading processed fruit suppliers.

We import, blend, stock, re-pack and distribute high quality processed fruit ingredients such as fruit juice concentrates, NFC fruit juices and fruit purees - all sourced directly from some of the most prestigious suppliers from around the world.

Despite our growth, there's one thing about Cobell that hasn't changed. Cobell still believe in supplying clients with a totally tailor-made service based upon our 'can do' and 'will do' approach to supplying our customers.

Cobell is a one stop shop for your fruit supply needs. From sourcing the product and helping to develop your recipes to blending and packing, Cobell can provide support every step of the way. Our aseptic packaging plants in the UK process around 3 metric tonnes every hour and our new pasteurised facility gives increased output - enabling the packing of juices, purees, cordials, concentrates and alcoholic drinks. Carrying a stock hold of up to £4 million in the UK alone we are also able to offer next day delivery on many products. We have two 12 metric tonne blending tanks have also installed a 24,000 litre bulk tank allowing us to receive and ship tanker quantities.


Cobell understands that in the current economic climate, maintaining margins and delivering product to specification is paramount.

Helping ease the pressure, our in-house team of technical experts can help you cost engineer your ingredients and maintain or increase your profit margins.

We take a detailed look at the ingredients in your recipe to determine how costs can be saved without compromising the quality of your product. Our technical team has years of experience working with companies to help develop and improve products and have an in-depth knowledge of how processed fruit ingredients work together in different applications. Working closely with you to conduct a profitability analysis of your product we see where we can help improve efficiency and reduce costs.


If you would like to find out about how we can help you to review the potential cost engineering of your products and would like to discuss the above in more detail please email – our team of experts are always on hand to help.



Company Values

Cobell has eight core values that underpin everything we do. We put customers at the heart of our business.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Cobell believe in supporting local charities and being actively involved in the local community.


Our processing partners

We work with some of the most prestigious suppliers from around the world.


Company History

The story of how and where it all began – explore the Cobell journey.