Monday 12 JuneCaroline Whitehead

Marine-sourced collagen for beauty drink


We’ve helped a beauty drink by providing it with a premium marine rather than beef-sourced collagen.

Bella Berry is made with natural ingredients and contains no added sugar or preservatives and sweeteners.

CEO and co-founder of Bella Berry, Suzannah Baker says: “Many other drinks use beef-sourced collagen and we didn’t want to use an animal-based ingredient in our super fruity beauty drink, which is aimed at the growing beauty-on-the-go market. Bella Berry is the first drink with beautifying ingredients to target the mass market. Without Cobell’s help, we wouldn’t have been able to achieve this.”

Our NPD lab was tasked with formulating the three Bella Berry flavours: Superfruit, which contains pomegranate, blueberry and acai, Summer Fruit with apple, pear and raspberry and Tropical with pineapple, lime and mint.

Bella Berry has stepped away from the expensive and medicinal tasting traditional image of beauty drinks.

It is tapping into increasing consumer knowledge about healthcare and the desire for multitasking food items.

Suzannah Baker adds: “We’ve brought beauty drinks to the lunchtime market. We have taken a product that is hugely successful in the vitamin aisle and adapted it to the convenience market, where our customers want to see it. Bella Berry speaks to this vast consumer group by being affordable (rsp: £2.49/250ml), easy to find and most importantly – it tastes amazing.”

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