Bag-in-box packaging consists of a foil laminated aseptic bag packed into a cardboard outer. Designed for vending, food service and food manufacturing applications bag-in-box products can be stored ambient or chilled, subject to the product. A number of dispensing tap options are available and bag-in-box packaging also gives you the option store frozen for extended shelf lives.

Pack sizes available
5, 10 & 20kg/ltrs.

We can also offer 25kg bag-in-box packs on concentrates.

Approximate number on a pallet

1 x 5ltr 160 - 200
1 x10ltr 80 - 100
2 x10ltr 36
4 x 5ltr 36
1 x 20ltr 40 -50

Multiple ply metallised LLDPE (Linear low density polyethylene) in an outer cardboard box.

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